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Who Pays For A Blocked Drain In Rental Property?

Just like any other property, blocked drains can also crop up on rental ones. These plumbing issues result in disputes between the landlords and their tenants, primarily because there is less clarity about who should be addressing the problems and paying for them. Each party tries to lay the blame…

How To Prevent Your Drains Being Blocked

When you are dealing with plumbing problems like blocked drain pipes, it can be incredibly challenging to manage the problem. In this case, prevention is better than cure, and you should focus on preventing the drain blockages from occurring. We at Dr. Drain Melbourne know from experience that these are…

Why Is A Drain Cleaner Dangerous?

Most homeowners that are trying to clean drains often opt for drain cleaners as the first option. But these products are quite powerful and tend to cause more harm than good unless you use them correctly. We at Dr Drain Melbourne recommend to clients that they should avoid using drain…