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We Offer Competent Solutions For Pipe Relining

Drain blockages are one of the worst plumbing issues whether they are minor or major ones. They bring lots of damage financially and cause you huge inconvenience. That is why it is very crucial to get any such blockages fixed as soon as you notice the first signs.
Broken pipes are problematic. Not only it can cause water to leak, but there is a slight chance that it can burst at any time. Ideally, broken pipes need to be replaced and reinstalled, but that would take up a lot of your time and money. But luckily for you, Doctor Drain Melbourne is here to help. We offer a service called pipe relining where you don’t have to buy new pipes to replace your old ones. Even better, you don’t have to reinstall new pipes at all! All you need to do is call us and we’ll tell you everything about pipe relining. Nowadays, pipe relining is much more preferred than fixing and replacing. It is known to be a very effective and less intensive method. So what exactly is this service like?

Pipe relining is when you repair your pipes by investigating and treating the inside. This is to strengthen old pipes and improve its function. Resin is used in pipe relining; they are the key in treating the pipe. A resin-saturated tube made of polyester or fiberglass will be inserted into the damaged pipe. The resin will then harden and form another pipe within the damaged one. This way, a new pipe is created without having to destroy the one before. This method is minimally invasive, which makes it way more cost-effective than having to replace the pipe entirely. But in order to do all this, pipe inspection and investigation is needed. And the only one who understand pipes well enough to do all the work is a pipe specialist. Regular citizens won’t be able to do it on their own because checking the pipe is a crucial step in order to reline it.

We have to know for sure if the pipe is not that badly damaged, and regular home owners won’t know the difference of a badly damaged pipe and a slightly damaged one. Not only that, before inserting the resin inside, the pipe needs to be cleaned first. Inserting the resin inside a blocked pipe will not make any difference once it hardens. The drainage will still be blocked either way, so removing everything inside is an important step as well. Sometimes, the use of a high pressure water jet will be needed to smoothen inside of the pipe. Blocked pipes usually have a rough surface due to materials being stuck on it from time to time, so in order to smoothen the surface, a high water pressure is sprayed inside the pipe. And lastly before relining it, a final check will be done. This allows us to make sure that the inside of the pipe is smooth enough to be relined and recreated.

So with all those complicated procedures, who can do it all in a short amount of time? Doctor Drain Melbourne is all you need. We are Melbourne’s best pipe workers. Our work is known to be the best in terms of both quality and quantity. We make sure to do most of our work in a short amount of time. But don’t worry, the quality of our work will not be affected by the time. We prioritize quality over anything, and we want to make sure you’ll be pleased with the result, so we will give our best effort in doing so. Our team is fully determine and committed to giving you the best pipe relining experience, so you can rely on us 100%. You can trust your pipes with us, and we will be sure to handle them with care. We are safety and clean workers, so leave the dirty work to us and we’ll let you relax inside your house while we work the magic. All you have to do? Call Doctor Drain Melbourne!

We Have A Team Of Expert Plumbers

We have a team of expert plumbers who are there to take care of all your plumbing needs. We offer high quality plumbing services that are both practical and efficient which translates into money savings for you.

All blocked drains will be cleared by our team of qualified and experienced technicians providing cost-effective and reliable plumbing solutions for your home.

We Only Use The Proper Equipment

Just like any other industry requires special tools, the plumbing industry also uses specific tools for specific purposes. An ordinary household is not likely to have the required tools for a certain task, which may compromise your personal fixing attempts.

Professional plumbers, however, use the necessary tools as well as the appropriate chemicals that can help to get the job done quicker and easier.

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There are many plumbers in Melbourne however we are one of the only companies that offer upfront pricing and also charge by the job completion.

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