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Who Pays For A Blocked Drain In Rental Property?

Just like any other property, blocked drains can also crop up on rental ones. These plumbing issues result in disputes between the landlords and their tenants, primarily because there is less clarity about who should be addressing the problems and paying for them. Each party tries to lay the blame on the other person, and it can become tough to determine how to solve this problem.

The reason why it is so challenging to decide who pays for a blocked drain in a rental property is that the diagnosis of these types of issues isn’t easy. You would need to hire a licensed plumber in Melbourne for the job.

Understanding More about Plumbing Maintenance on Rental Properties

Dr. Drain Melbourne Is one of the leading companies in this industry, and we handle a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing projects. We also tackle these issues on rental properties and have seen that these disputes are prevalent. In most of these situations, it is the landlord’s job to ensure that the property and all the installations are in good condition. It is their responsibility to ensure that the premises is safe to live in.

Also, it is the tenant’s responsibility to make sure that they do not damage any of the fixtures fittings or installations on the property. So when there is a dispute about Melbourne blocked drains on rental properties, it is a matter of whether there is proof of the actual cause.

In most instances, the landlord does not have the evidence required to prove that their tenant has been responsible for the pipe blockage. In these situations, the landlord would be responsible for fixing the problem and paying for blocked drains in Melbourne

Who Pays For Drain Blockages?

Here is a breakdown of some information that will provide a better understanding of this matter:

It becomes the landlord’s responsibility if:

  • The damage has been caused by them.
  • The drain pipe has deteriorated due to age and wear and tear in the system.
  • The blockage is a result of tree root growth inside the drain pipes.
  • The damage is not anyone’s fault, and the landlord ultimately takes responsibility for it.

It becomes the tenant’s responsibility if:

  • They have been carelessly discarding grease and small items, unflushable wipes, etc. into the drain.
  • There is some damage that the tenant has caused, which has resulted in the drain blockage.
  • The tenant is responsible for removing all the items that might be causing a blockage in the drains. They would have to pay to fix the damage as well as remove the blockage.

 24/7 Blocked Drains Services in Melbourne

In most cases, a blocked drain becomes an emergency, and the tenant must act quickly. They may not have the time to inform the landlord about the situation as the blockage, or the backup may cause damage to the property. If you find yourself in this kind of a situation, call us, and we will be at your premises quickly to solve the problem

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