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Why Is A Drain Cleaner Dangerous?

Most homeowners that are trying to clean drains often opt for drain cleaners as the first option. But these products are quite powerful and tend to cause more harm than good unless you use them correctly. We at Dr Drain Melbourne recommend to clients that they should avoid using drain cleaners as far as possible, for various reasons. Let’s take a look at what these are:

Chemical Drain Cleaners- Different Types

There are three main types of drain cleaners- acid-based, caustic-based and ones that work via oxidising action. Caustic products have lye which releases heat, making it very useful for clearing grease from your drains. Oxidising cleaners have nitrates and bleach that cause the organic material to lose electrons and have an oxidising reaction on them.

Only licensed plumbing professionals can purchase acid-based cleaners. They contain significant amounts of hydrochloric/sulphuric acid and can be quite dangerous for the pipes and your health if used incorrectly.

Drain Chemicals Can Cause Damage to Your Pipes

These chemicals are effective only at clearing specific blockages, such as those caused by food, grease, hair and other organic matter. If you attempt to use these to clear drains that are completely blocked, they will not move through the pipes. If they sit there in the pipe, they can eat away at it, causing significant amounts of damage. These products can also soften your PVC pipes.

Chemical- Based Drain Cleaners Are Harmful To the Environment

Drain cleaning chemicals can irritate your eyes and throat (if you breathe in the fumes), and they can also result in burns to your skin. Not only are these chemicals dangerous to humans, but bad for the environment and the waterways as they have highly corrosive chemicals.

The Best and Safest Way to Clear Blocked Drains

As you can see, there are many reasons why chemical drain cleaners are dangerous. Some other methods are safer, such as:

  • Use a plunger- if the block is minor, it will help clear it.
  • Use a combination of baking soda and vinegar and follow it up with hot water.

If these remedies don’t work, you should call in a licensed plumber to handle the job. They will use CCTV drain cameras to determine what is causing the block and will use tools like root cutters, electric eels and high water-pressure jets to clear the blockages.

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